Full service Lawn Care in Brockton, Easton, Bridgewater, Mansfield, Massachusetts

Spring Cleanup - It's always a great time in New England when winter ends and peaceful weather finally returns. The grass turns green again and flowers add color to the area. Fresh air and the sounds of nature ensure that winter is finally over. After heavy snow, wind, and ice the lawn and shrubs get a full inspection to make sure any damage is addressed. A full cleaning of the lawn and mulch beds is done at the property. Edging and mulch preparation can also be completed during the cleanup.
Maintenance Programs - Weekly and Bi-weekly maintenance is available throughout the season. We offer basic lawn mowing, straight edge on walkway and edges of beds, and blowing of all walkways and asphalt areas. Being at the property on a regular basis, allows us to clean trash/debris, weed and freshen up mulch beds, and notice if anything is out of place at the property that needs to be reported to the property owner. All trucks are setup to haul all debris off site.

Lawn Care Services - In spring and fall de-thatching and aerating are offered. Plug hole aerating will allow water and fertilizer to get directly into the ground. De-thatching scrapes the top layer of dirt to accept new growth and allows the grass to thicken. If the lawn is past fixable, we have the equipment to tear up the old lawn and install a new lawn by using seed, sod, or hydro seed.

Mulch - Once the mulch beds are prepared and cleaned, a new layer is next to be spread. It allows the existing plants to stay healthy and to be able to retain water. Mulches also prevent soil erosion and retain soil moisture throughout the summer months. It's also the best weed shield to keep crab grass and dandelions out. Pine Bark and Hemlock are the most common and natural mulch that is offered. Black Forest and Red Cedar are available as well. If mulch is just not your thing, you can always try crushed stone or other great alternatives to mulch. Call for details.

Shrub Pruning - Proper shrub pruning can enhance the health and physical appearance of shrubs. It extends their life by getting rid of unwanted branches and opens up the opportunity for new growth. It also allows for dead flowers to be removed from the shrub so new ones can come in.
Fall Cleanup - When Fall begins, the colors of the leaves are changing, the air is starting to turn crisp, and pumpkins can be found at every doorway. Corn stalks and hay bales line the walkway and purple/orange lights are strung on trees. Plans are being made for the holiday season and families are coming together. The landscape season is coming to an end. Once all the leaves have fallen the crews go through the entire property and clean the leaves and sticks. With an unknown snow season a clean property is the best type of property to have through the winter months to ensure proper melting in the spring if we do get a deep snow cover. It's nice to get to the end of the year and know your property stood out the best in the neighborhood and the experience was great.

Material Delivery - Pine Bark Mulch, Hemlock Mulch, Black Forest Mulch, Red Cedar Mulch, Loam and Compost, Stone dust, Crushed stone, Construction sand, Playback sand, Tire Grindings for playgrounds, Clean wood chips

Other Service Offered - Patio/walkway install and repairs. Retaining wall, Site clearing work. Bobcat work. Irrigation, Tree and wood chipping work. Snow Management, Environmental work
Gravel under patio deck - Patio Install Services - Brockton, MA
Grass and Flower pot - Property maintenance - Brockton, MA

Snow Management

Snow Plowing
Ensure the safety of your family, employees, and guests with our snow plowing and shoveling services. Whether you need a commercial parking lot plowed or a residential property cleared of snow, you can count on us. For a commercial lot we are able to do complete plowings and full sanding's of the parking lot. We shoveling walkways and stairs and always have ice melt on hand for any ice. For driveways we are able to shovel a wide walkway to your door and shovel all the snow around your cars, after plowing the driveway we always make sure to clear any snow away from the mailbox to ensure your delivery of mail does not stop.